Welcome to Gold River Feed Products!
Welcome to Gold River Feed Products!

Your Source for Superior Supplement Manufacturing Using Today’s Cutting Edge Technology

Mill Blend Products

Mill blend products play a vital role in feed mill production. That’s why Gold River nutritionists have developed multiple options that meet the demands of your production line. Gold River manufactures each load of mill blend… continue reading

Liquid Supplements

Liquid feed supplements offer a variety of features for today’s livestock producer, including a free- choice form of delivery. Gold River’s GOLD LIC brand supplements feature slo-release urea which allows a steady release of… continue reading

Thermo-Cured™ Tubs

Gold River’s Thermo-Cured™ Tubs is a new process of poured tubs that offer convenient livestock nutrition in an easy to feed form of delivery. Thermo-Cured™ tubs are designed to be fed free choice to animals on pasture or… continue reading

Low Moisture Tubs

Gold River’s Solid Gold brand low moisture tubs offer the lowest cost form of nutrient delivery in the industry. Our cooking process yields an extremely hard tub, holding consumption to around 1 pound per head, per day… continue reading

Bagged Minerals & Premixes

Gold River, a FDA registered facility, is proud to offer its customers state of the art manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of today’s feed industry. Gold River provides computerized batching for precision mixing… continue reading

Micro Ingredient Sourcing

Gold River’s Micro Ingredient Division strives to be one of the leading suppliers of low inclusion items for today’s feed manufacturers. Gold River maximizes our volume buying power of trusted ingredients and passes… continue reading