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About Us

About Gold River

Gold River was established to offer feed and supplement distributors a state-of-the art manufacturing facility that would supply a variety of different product types. Gold River offers distributers one of the most efficient manufacturing facilities in the industry. Our automated, dust-free facility features a computerized batching system for precise mixing and segregated ingredient lines for the prevention of cross-contamination.

Gold River is conveniently located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, with excellent access to all major highways for distribution across the eastern United States. Rail access is also on-site for both incoming and outgoing deliveries. To help with our customer’s inventory management, Gold River allows split loads of product between low moisture blocks, poured blocks, bagged minerals, and premixes.

Customer Service

We strive to bring the highest level of service to each client through a partnership approach. Gold River has staff specialists for each product line we offer. These specialists work with our clients to develop a suite of products that will best service their market. We continue to be a source of support and information after the sale is completed. Gold River specialists can offer training for clients and their staff on products and selling techniques and can help promote products to client’s customers through farm calls, producer meetings, and marketing.

We understand timely delivery of product is important and strive to fill each order as quickly as possible. We also understand the “emergency” situations that do arise and are ready and willing to accommodate these matters. When it comes to finding a dependable partner for your business, look no further than Gold River Feed Products.


Gold River is a source for proven nutrition. Gold River has teamed with some of the nation’s top nutritionists to bring one of the best formula profiles to the supplement business. Years of research and quality control allows Gold River to offer our clients proven products that will strengthen relationships with their customers and reputations within their market. Distributors have the option to create custom formulations that can give them a unique advantage over their competition. The formulations you find on our website are only examples of what Gold River can provide. Contact us to start exploring custom formulation possibilities!


Gold River is committed to producing superior products. We only purchase quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Regular supplier reviews are conducted to ensure that each order of ingredients received is consistent with the last and meets our expectations. Samples are also pulled and retained on all inbound and outbound products to offer full traceability. Gold River’s centrally located plant allows us price advantages on inputs, yielding endless possibilities for custom formulations.

Gold River is proud to offer an extremely consistent supply of molasses. We purchase our molasses from trusted sources to ensure a high level of quality. Each load undergoes a series of tests to maintain uniformity and integrity. These processes allow Gold River to ensure our partners an extremely consistent product.